it’s time we talk about ……the weather

The weather is a topic that needs to be discussed today, though boring and normally (in my house) something that is talked about, looked up on the internet and watched on the TV daily, today it needs a special mention. How it presents is how most farmers manage or plan their daily tasks. It was never something living in the city that occupied my day or conversations like it does now, it was acknowledged in order to determine what I was going to wear to work or functions.

It is also the number 1 topic for small talk, when you meet someone for the first time it is a topic to talk about and how that person interacts back will determine in most instances whether or not you continue talking or look for the “I’m just going to grab a drink” conversation ending statement. It is a safe topic as it allows a person to venture into a conversation without feeling threatened or feeling like you need to expose oneself long before one feels comfortable. It is also a neutral topic that allows an open and frank discussion, debate and or simple comment which will get a person into a conversation or out of one. It can also end any conversation “how’s the weather” “hot” “yea”.

We talk about it in terms determined by how we feel in relation to our demeanor, hot, cold, lethargic, energetic and also in terms of actions wet, dry, just right. Some people love our summers of 35 degrees or above, where they can eat, swim and entertain outside, some like the wet weather where they can stay indoors have a fire, eat and snuggle in bed longer. When on a farm I now hear terms like “there could never be enough rain” try telling that to a Queenslander this year 300 mm in 24 hours. “we need a good hot summers day to set the crops off” try saying that to the good people of Perth who seem to be the only ones getting a long hot summer. “I can’t harvest as it is too hot”  “we need a good rain or we will lose our crops” “if it doesn’t rain soon we will have to feed out hay to ensure our stock doesn’t start starving” “we have had thunder & lightning now I’m off to fight a fire”. There are many quotes and the weather dictates the day in the life of a farmer. “we sure could use some of that rain they are having in Queensland”. Do not use an angle grinder on a 38 degree day when close to dry grassy areas, commonsense to farmers not so to some home handyman.

We were at a 60th party last night, it was outdoors and on arrival it was the topic about how hot it was and got during the day, over 40 degree here on the farm. Then about 10pm it became when are we going to get a breeze it is still hot. When I determined we were going to leave to come home (designated driver) 145am (we have half an hour drive from venue to home) it was it’s nice and cool now why do we have to go? I am up earlier than him, dogs are barking to be let out of their compounds, Pete the house dog wants to go out, the cats are coming in so it must be time to shut the house up to keep it cool before we need to put the air-conditioner on.

I hope where ever you are, you stay cool and out of the sun if you live in a state that is hot, humid and energy sucking. I hope you stay dry if you live in the states where you are having torrential rain. To every one in between, I hope you have a nice day and you enjoy the weather, may it be the weather you want (and cooler here in SA)