I went to an Adelaide Fringe show this evening which my dear friend is doing for the fringe and it is confronting, moving and totally paralysing. The dignity with which she  presents this topic is only matched by her grace in her brutal honesty, “my notes are my seeing eye dog, my hearing aid or wheel chair as I have dementia and I forget” or words to that effect. It is as stunning as it is frightening.

She tells us all how hard this journey is for her from her diagnosis at 49 to now trying to manage the ever-growing symptoms at 53. She is as beautiful as ever and as my mother said, Kate is right to hear her speak so eloquently about the disease one can not see how she would have dementia. It is not a disease that disfigures your face or osteoporosis that cripples your body in her words it ‘sucks out your soul”. How cruel !

It is a show that will make you laugh with humor, is thought-provoking, it will make you uncomfortable and for me her friend it made me cry. I wanted to stop the tears but they came and they flowed, even at the end as I hugged her I was still crying. Yet there we went out to dinner after, Kate, me and her DH (Dear husband) he was also kind enough to drop me back to my car – 35 minutes from their house. I take away from that a slide and forgive me for lack of referencing and remembering who stated it “live with urgency not in an emergency” Do not wait for the diagnosis, do not wait for somebody else to sing, dance, laugh, love, be the person to send this out live like there is no tomorrow as Kate says for her that may be tomorrow. How terrifying.. she has two shows to go Monday night 530 & Tuesday night – at scot’s church on North Terrace Adelaide. She is then off to England to present over there.

My beautiful friend, I have never been prouder of you, DH & boys, I love you and will make time to see you as often as I can

3 thoughts on “Dementia

  1. Just remember the good times we have when others do not have Dementia. On the last day of my grandmas breath she remembered me: JACKIE as she said my name.

  2. Thanks dear Robyn, and how lovely to be able to share a lmneal together last night too. And my DH was glad to take you home to stay with your beautiful daughter. Now I’ve heard the other meaning of DH, using this term makes me giggle a lot!! And to Jackie, my husband is hoping for the same miracle. Love and hope forever xoxo

  3. Totally moving and inspiration piece/show. Presented with dignity and grace, sadness and frustration, humour and love.

    Reflections of my own life flashed forward as the tears fell for myself and for Kate, totally thought provoking.

    Enlightening in a notable life well lived and a lady well loved.

    May peace, light and love keep you in its sights and your compter, blog and books keep you engaged and happy.

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