a workaholics day is never done

I remember my father’s speech on my wedding day he said Robyn is a workaholic and then she has married one. I was taken aback by these words, I never considered myself a workaholic, I just thought I worked as hard as everyone else. I know many nurses who worked longer hours than they were rostered and paid. I worked with Sales Reps where some of our days were 16 hours or longer depending on conferences, weekends and education seminars. I worked with office staff who worked longer hours to complete a task so things could get done on time, so I never considered I wasn’t normal.

But I have to put it out there I am. I have many things to do and not enough hours in my day to complete them. I run my own business so have set hours to see clients, I run an online business so that needs attending to daily. I work up at the Keith Hospital in a Business Development, Fund Raising, Tender & Grants & Projects capacity so I am there before other businesses open the phones and leave when i know I can’t make any more calls so put letters together to be sent. I still spend many hours volunteering to get things done for the Keith Hospital to ensure the days I am there they get ‘bang for their buck’. I hate being told I don’t believe you, I can’t see how you can do that and just plain how do you do it when I can’t. I don’t like to think a task can get it over me and I have to leave it never to return to give up and not finish.

I am in the throes of organising many things but there is 2 priorities 1) Everyday Heroes set up for Amy Zilms walk from Melbourne to Keith, 2) Keith Hospital Cook Book and these are just 2 of 8 things I am involved in. Today’s talk is to find a publisher and distributor for the book once it has been complete. If you are reading this and can help me please contact me. I will spend the day (it’s about to hit 40 degrees here) also identifying and populating my excel spreadsheet on names and contacts to get more food / beverage businesses in the Limestone Coast to buy Advertising spaces.To all of us workaholics we don’t see it as work, I see it as a hobby, a challenge,  an interest to assist those who can not help themselves.

Stay cool in this terrible heat, drink lots of fluid and enjoy the cool change when it comes