it’s not a train wreck it’s Towering Inferno!!

It’s the week that isn’t really, and some of us wish that it was the week that wasn’t. We have seen our political leaders sniping at each other, not playing nicely in the school yard, what it isn’t is a demonstration in loyalty, niceness and consideration of others. They both (and all of the ministers) can stand there and give us their CV’s as much as they like, they can point out the faults of the other person as often and as loudly as they like but it seems what they can’t do is run this country.

Twitter the internet is alive and well with every angle of every mouth twitch, eyebrow tic and pursed lips as well as they knockers, the haters, the celebrators and it (rightly so) seems everyone has an opinion one way or another. We now have the Rudd’s en-masse telling us how we should vote, like it made a difference when it counted?? No one in the Labor Party respected our votes. This is not a popularity contest it is about Governance, legislation & well “steering our country” with ethics and morality.

These politicians do not live in the real world, not the Federal ones, not the State ones they truly believe in their own self-importance. They ‘make’ decisions and choose to ignore the consequences of the outcome, like the Keith Hospital Decision by Mr Rann & Mr Hill. Neither have EVER been to Keith, come to the hospital seen how we operate and then made an informed decision, then they get ‘offended’ should anyone challenge them. We have a right under our democracy to state what we feel, they choose political life, so they must choose then to ‘suck it up’ should they do wrong.

This train wreck has totally derailed, everything they are doing, have done and will do is going to dominate our lives for days or up until the next election at the least. It has now become a Towering Inferno, there are people trapped in rooms, hiding from making decisions, there are people smashing their way through glass ceilings, windows and doors to ensure they can claim their 15 minutes of fame – think back benchers here. There are others working higher up to find the tanks to blow up and douse the flames, they are just working slower than the rest. It is cringe worthy like the 70’s film but it was clever for its era and set design. Like the film many won’t be saved, the underdog (whom ever that is in this scenario) will probably not come out on top. Tie themselves to the poles they will, clinging to the false belief they are the saviour. Regardless of this at the end of the day to rebuild Australia will be costly and we are going backwards greater than any other government in our history especially in SA. Even if we the people get to have a say, the next government will spend years getting us out of debt, we have a carbon tax, only the greens wanted – we have broken promises and last of all we have the unfaithful. Like Towering inferno though they are not trading us in on younger models they are trading us in on fleeting fame, power and total dominance and disregard for our votes. No wonder many choose to vote informally.. Over the weekend lets hope we don’t get a good look at “Ranger Management” (Craig Annis reference).