Angels and Devils

They are all a part of us, they live among us and they are us. My mother use to say Day Angel & Night Devil in relation to how an angelic child who was adored and behaved beautifully during the day would suddenly turn in a night devil, where they would awake after a 20 minute cat nap and be up for 4 hours or more, cry when being putto bed and then when you were at your last straw they would sleep and you would have to get up and go to work.

My friend Kate Swaffer – follow her blog talks about the assistance of angels today in preparation for her Fringe show – one I am very much looking forward to seeing and this prompted this topic. We Dr’s & Nurses are taught the science of the body, diseases, life and death we are not taught about the existance of Angels. All those that nurse know it is a calling, a vocation that is generally deeply ingrained, hence the hours of dedication, commitment and patience. There are many times in a nursing career that you have the honour of being with a person when they pass, sometimes it is in the quiet hours of the night where you can sit and hold a hand, other times it may be in the middle of a traumatic event and you are there as an assistant to help save a life. Sometimes not all lives can be saved but after the passing there is calmness. It descends upon the room this is the angel offering comfort to the living, giving guidance to the person who passes and allowing for the stilness of the moment to be realised. Most nurses believe in Angels, ones that are with people when they live and ones that are evident upon death.

For those that have not seen their angel, they are that flicker in the corner of your eye when you think somebody is there or you see a ‘movement’. They are the sensation that a person you know is with you, most times they are. They send comfort during grief, some people have claimed that some one has sat on the end of the bed holding their hand duirng a dark time of their life. They are shadows, some fear them others find joy in them, mostly that is what they are sent to heal a broken heart, offer company if one is lonely or just to let someone know they are ok. Many of my friends are angels, they assist sometimes when I don’t even know I need it. All of you who respond and read my blog are angels you are the keepers of my thoughts and actions, editors of my life, friends and mostly people I love. I don’t see devils I see actions and reactions some of which we know are unnecessary others are uncontrollable, but mostly people are kind you just have to peel through the layers. Thankyou Kate for being you.


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