Tiresome Tuesday February

it’s THAT time of the month and I’m over it… I have the cranky pants on and feeling like I have ssssssssssssooooooooooo much to do and not much time. I have been busy getting things together and sorting things out – like my home office desk & tax return stuff that i feel overwhelmed with my life. I have cats bringing half eaten rabbits in the bedroom, mice that are caught in traps and even a frill neck lizard that was found today and looking good but angry at being trapped inside the house. On top of this I have to work!

I love the position I am in with the Keith Hospital, it is really a unique one where I can do the fund raising issue I have been doing but I can also out source. We have the opportunity to have a guest speaker but unfortunately on Mothers Day, so it look like this will be rejected. It’s too much to ask of the community to do this we give up so much of our time and money to put in for the hospital and I for one will not give up anymore time unless it is beneficial to the hospital. We are looking for a return of over 10,000 but I think we won’t make that.

we are getting our ducks in a row and about to do a joint venture with another big organisation that raises money for children. This is very exciting and bringing hope to all who hear it. watch this space we will do an announcement soon