my walking moments

I try to walk daily – in an effort to get fit, on my bucket list is the City to Bay which I think if I am honest I have been saying I would do since my mid 30’s. I also have the medical legacy of High Blood Pressure – which I medically control and have done since my mid 30’s. we also have the added bonus of ‘catching diabetes’ which also runs in the family gene pool. So whilst I have watched my weight and fitness levels go up over the ensuing years I have been determined to change the pattern before diabetes arrives on my doorstep.

Last year I had a health scare in doing the annual smear & breast check I went off for my first mammogram (free at breastscreenSA if you are over 45). We (DH & I) decided we would also do our bowel screen tests just so that we have a base line, it is only $20 odd dollars or so at the chemist. Everything was fine until I got the call, please come and discuss your results with the Dr tomorrow. Panic, tears, family love and a very stressful night was had by all. Following further investigations all was clear but this was my wake up call. It really is time and perhaps a little too close for comfort. I decided I needed to change 30’s bad habits. I took on Dry July only giving up spirits, it was hard and it was towards the end of the month I realised I was perhaps a bit too crabby and short and it was not drinking Bourban that did this too me. The amount of spirits I have drunk since then can be counted on 1 hand (glasses not bottles) and it has been only white spirits not brown.

I have started walking, I think I only stopped as my job required me to travel almost weekly, I have travelling between the Adelaide house and the farm, helping on the farm, having a social life and my dog Pete, relocated himself to live at the farm. When I had time to myself I would sit, read, watch TV or catch up on sleep – every excuse but to exercise. During this time I was aware of the weight creeping up but you don’t really look in the mirror sideways when you feel over weight, you would have to acknowledge it, I am a serial denier, I cut clothing labels out of my clothes so that I didn’t have to acknowledge the size I was buying, I knew it don’t get me wrong but this was not enough for me to start exercising. The Health breast scare was.

I am getting there, I am loosing weight but most importantly I am loosing cm’s and getting fitter. I try to walk 10kms daily some days I don’t due to work commitments and timing. I walk in the country, on our property or on the road that leads to our property and I have lovely walking buddies. Today I jumped on the quad bike and rode it to the first shut gate, got off and began my walk. I needed to check the solar pumps as we have been running out of water. It is 16kms from our back door to the back of the property and I am not that fit (yet) so I walked my regular 10kms. I let the kelpi’s off DH has gone to Vic for the day so they need exercising. They run along side the bike, till we walk. On our way back to the bike 200 Black Angus Cattle follow us, some in front and others behind. Cattle are curious creatures and mostly gentle, I kept looking back wondering what it was that was pushing them to follow me. I was continually turning as I did not want them to stampede over me. I look past the mob and I saw them, running emus 4 of them. All keeping pace and all moving forward. We managed to leave them in the paddock and get away without incident.

We get to the Dam so the dogs can swim, Pete has been out looking for us so he is at the dam, in they go. I notice in a tree no more than 20 metres away are cockatoos about 50 of them. They wait till we go then they fly in and drink from the dam. This is not a usual day for I have not seen foxy loxy (there are about 4) I normally see on my walk nor any sheep. But as I get ready for work I think only in Australia and in the country can one have over 200 walking buddies to keep an eye on and watch out for. Makes life interesting doesn’t it?