Septic tanks and Sundays

it was one of those days, thanks to all who responded and contributed, especially the nurses who told me their ‘sense of smell experiences’. Here is one for you all at home to try, eat asparagus and you will find the following mornings urine will smell of asparagus. Interesting how the body works. Following on me working up the courage to show my DH (Dear Husband) my blog – which he did laugh at. I was determined to do Saturday chores after being in at the shop. I went to hang out the washing to discover there was water running out of the drain on the back porch.

I called DH to show him, we thought it was the septic tank, so we went to pump it out, nothing happened yet with the washing machine was emptying and bubbling up through the drains. Next we have lots of the F bomb, blood and shovels. The old original septic pipe diagrams were found and then I was given a fifteen minute explanation on the who, (who installed it) what (what bits made it up) where (the distance of travel from the house to the underground tank) when (when it was installed) and how (how the f*#^ were we going to fix it).

There was the back pavers ripped up, grassed chopped from around motors, tape measures and lots of water. Toilets being flushed, sinks being filled and pluggers being used. Washing machine off and on, laundry floor flooded from the water coming up through the drain hole. Holes next to the hot water system filling with water and hoses running to try and create a vacuum. Needless to say the problem went away as such but it was not until today the problem was found – a great big hole in the septic pipe close to the sink outlet and easy to repair without the assistance of a plumber. It is lucky we can shut down that part of the house as when the extension was built a new septic was put in place.

Now today is clean up… must go there is sand all over the laundry floor