the Friday fallout

Coming to the end of the week again makes me reflect on how my actions and reactions to people has been this week. yesterday was fallout, it is like the stages of grief how people cope with change and decisions, denial, anger, sadness & acceptance. My decision on change for the Keith hospital still sits uncomfortably with me, for reasons of others reactions. With every Action come reaction, consequences then the fallout.

In this struggling time of the Keith hospital, the community has done all they can to assist the Board members whilst struggling through with the processes of keeping the doors open. Yes things have to change, but there are many ways of doing this, whilst the Board has worked hard without pay so too have the staff (though they are paid). There are many countless hours of volunteer time they have put in to keep the clients feeling safe and secure in their Aged Care Facility. Infact going there you would not think anything was different. People have left, people have stayed but over all it is mostly upbeat.

There is anger, there is sadness, there is disappointment in the outcome and the management of getting to this outcome. I think the main complaint boils down to the lack of communication. As with most things in life, if you don’t ask you don’t get. If you don’t get what you want 9 out of 10 times it would be due to somebody else or something else. Very few people would look inside and say well I did “that” so I can take a portion of the responsibility for the outcome.

I spoke with a business I had asked to assist me in a fund raising venture, we had (in my opinion) done the deal, to be told that it was not acceptable for this company to keep communicating. I did what most people would do, ask if I had said anything to offened or written something inappropriate that has led to this 11hr withdrawal. I never once didn’t think of taking ownership in this desicion, it was a great cause, they would get lots of media exposure, there would be toasts to the company, there would be banners, I MUST have done something. “No” was the reply – then comes confusion and the question “can I ask then what has transpired?” It has nothing to do with me, I was not even aware that an Action deemed back in September due to lack of resources had made this community feel abandoned by the Keith Community so on that basis nothing was going to happen. I explained I don’t get paid to do what I do and I was pretty sure our CEO/DON would have acted should this complaint be brought to her attention and I was going to call her immediately (which I did). She didn’t know either but immediately went to rectify it.

The fallout will be no joint partnership with that company but that community will get the assistance it requires, this then made me jump off the fence and start digging. I have about 5 days to pull this off before it becomes a disaster. People, sadly I think they were never going to assist, they were working with me to get me to this point to turn me down at the last hour, what a lot of effort to ‘prove a point”. I am not angry at them, nor am I angry at the decision makers, it makes me determined to make a difference and “pull a rabbit out of a hat” just so they can see, it takes more than slight obstruction or detour to stop me. I can climb hurdles, I can jump puddles, swim rivers to get to the “sunny shores”. If you don’t like the fallout from others decisions, say something, make the change you want to be in your life for you will never know the richness of what you can achieve. Thank You Libby Koch on behalf of David – you made my day yesterday with every small contribution comes a larger one of giving rather than continually taking.