are you the fence sitter in a garden of change?

I am up early as I have had limited sleep, I went to a Keith Hospital meeting last night as called by the Board of Management. It was not like any other we have had, they didn’t ask the community to pledge more – they know we can not afford it. The small community of Keith has raised over $300,000 if not the figure would be closer to $400,000. They were not telling us that the hospital was closing they were asking for changes to the constitution to enable the hospital to move forward to another level.

In a small community, there is not much that is kept secret being that most of our community does have access to all the Board members as they live amongst us, they share themselves and their families in sporting, recreational and business dealings. So they are hard to avoid and I’m sure at times over the last 18months have wanted to avoid us.

The biggest change they had asked for was to separate the CEO/DON position and I went pre determined on how I was going to vote. This is an extra burden upon the financial services of the hospital as we are not our of the woods yet, we are still at a knife edge. Though Mr Weatherill stated he would listen to the people, we all still know that that is only the CBD people or those that are in marginal seats, having by-elections and placating Mr Rann.

The meeting took over 3 hours of debate, questions asked, questions answered but the elephant in the room was not addressed. That is has a CEO already been appointed before this came out to the community? this rumour has been circulating for 2 weeks now and the person has even been named, yet none was brave enough to ask the question. After many many questions some I am sure the Board did not want to answer but did there was a motion passed, seconded and then a show of hands. My vote went with my head and not my heart, to me it did make good business sense, my heart wanted to scream noooooooooooooo for the imcumberant would be loosing her position as such though negotiations are underway in working towards keeping her on staff. The person I attended with voted no with good reason, he felt that this was a bullying tactic that was open to the community whilst the imcumberant was sitting in the room, not a perspective I had even thought about. Yet the 2 people of either side of us were fence sitters they did not vote.

They both agreed with the arguement for many different reasons yet they choose to sit there and not vote. They are not wrong in their decisions either, both are active within the community and both are held in high regard. So I ponder what makes us fence sitters, what would have made them vote either way? Change is always hard to accept and facilitate yet these people are masters of adaptation & multi-skilling. Was the reason was they know of the rumour of the in coming? are they going to wait to watch and see how it effects them? I can not answer these questions as they can not give me the correct queston to ask to get them off the fence.

They are the watchers and they sit to either opt in or opt out, they will not obstruct the process or the decision they will wait, watch and learn. I on the other hand are in and he is out does this make us obstructive in change? The dye has been cast and we will be splitting the position, but surely the pressure is now on the incoming CEO & Board to lift the status and income stream to make this decision the ‘right’ one. Here is where I become a fence sitter, I shall watch with interest and keep the fund raising activities I am doing moving forward. We shall and do rejoice in our achievements “we haven’t gone away yet”..