Valentine’s Day & love

it is the day we all need to talk about, Happy Valentine’s Day to all out there, may it be filled with everything you want and need to enjoy the day. It really is hard to ignore isn’t it? I started the day determined not to even mention it, it too shall pass I thought. I did my normal routine and DH followed it up with “Happy Valentines day” I respond in kind, we have never really celebrated it, it has never been high on my radar. But I still wonder about the red rose that use to appear at my parents house annually on this day for about 4 years, no card, from 1986 to 1989 nothing was attached and even the florist wouldn’t tell me who sent it. So if it was you that sent it to me, it made me feel special and lovable. It was at a time in my life when I was a single mum and felt very down on myself, I deeply suspect it may have been my father as I lived with my parents during this time and I struggled being a single mum, finishing my nursing and being without a partner.

This has been a reminder for me to send my beautiful daughter an e-card, doesn’t modern technology make life easy for the forgetful? But it takes a clever nerd to send it anonomyously, it can be done, create a fake gmail address send and then delete the email account.

Today if you believe that this is a nothing day and I hope you spend it with the people you like rather than those you are forced to. It is a day to celebrate friendships, family and love though my belief is that these should be embraced daily. I tell my daughter every time I speak with her I love her before I leave her or before I hang up the phone, I never want harsh words to be the last memory of me or her should anything happen (God Forbid) this has been a standing practice since I can remember and I can gauge the mood should this not be said. enjoy the day, weather, friendship and work, if you receive flowers or have a romantic story share it with all you may just bring happiness to someone who is feeling lonely.