retro throw back

is it the weather? that time of the year or just because? We have had one of ‘those’ days here on the farm, nothing we planned for went to plan. I had planned to be handing over from my medical company job but found myself having to assist here with an unplanned job. Amongst all this today was the news of the death of Whitney Houston a singer from my twenties era – hence the photo I have posted was an 80’s dress up party and I thought I looked appropriate. Ghost busters transfer on my t-shirt, leather jacket, headband, leggins & boots. Yes I went out in public in Sydney looking like that. Gosh it was a fun night! There was plenty of Whitney played that night, along with Fine Young cannibals, the Knack, Boy George, WHAM and New Kids on the Block. To top the outfit off was a “kick arse red lipstick” to quote Gwyneth Paltrow

Going back to retro, is anyone really that surprised that Whitney went the way of many drug addicts? This is not to say that it is not sad, but dozens of people around the world will take prescription medication overdoses by accident, deliberate and then there is the tragedy deliberate over doses to end one’s life. Addiction is not selective, it can strike without warning and can over take, over shadow all facets of daily life. Drugs come in all shapes and sizes and whilst for many they start as recreational, they can become a habit then a craving. Surely her ‘minders’ or people around her could see the warning signs but as I write this we all know, accidental or deliberate deaths there normally is no sign it just happens. Surely no death should go un noticed or published but many will not, families are left to grieve for the loss.

I wanted to write on so many topics but feel the need to do this one. Especially leading up to Valentines day, I hope those that are on their own do not see this a a way out. Valentines day is a good reminder of being alone, this was also part of my retro throw back memories. I was for many valentines day sitting in front of the VCR (video cassette recorder for those that won’t know) watching movies like ‘The Body Guard” “the Breakfast Club” “About Last Night” where you could be loved, saved and allow that love to pass. Nothing could bring me to tears like “Terms of Endearment” “Beaches” . I remember the original Back to the Future, but my genre was Sci-fi “Aliens” “Blade Runner” “Star Wars.” But Valentines day was different, I would get a card home made from my beautiful daughter each year, I still have them. I never once thought about giving up, I wanted to go back and change things but as we all know – you can’t do that so I would spend the night at home with my daughter and a movie. Now I am married I don’t think we have ever celebrated valentines day due to circumstances beyond our control. Like yesterday, weather dominates life on the farm, too hot, too cold, dams with mud instead of water where animals can get stuck and you need tractors to get them out. Water troughs get broken and they die easily. To us valentines day is just a day that passes sometimes with thought, others without, to me secretly I would love him to bring in flowers, offer to take me to the pub for dinner or just prepare something as a surprise. Perhaps instead of wishing it I may put it on my bucket list for him to read and prepare for so he knows  I’m feeling. He is not unromantic, he is one of the kindest people I have ever met he is limited in time and to go to town is an hour by travel just to start off with.

Enjoy the retro picture – it shall be removed shorty for a more current up to date one. I may even post one with my now evident “Grey Streak”