my Grey Streak

I am putting it out there, I have a grey streak that has appeared in my fringe. It stares back at me every time I look in the mirror. I have watched it ‘grow’ over the last couple of years. Some days it is not noticeable depending upon how much I inspect my face, others in the sunlight tell me, it is “a grey streak”. No I didn’t put it there it just appeared.

I was at my daughters yesterday helping her and my husband, do some tree clearing and gardening. When we come down from the farm we try to get to her place to give her a hand, my husband is great like this, he will do and take the thanks as payment. He noticed my streak and laughed, I asked should I start colouring my hair? I haven’t put a colour in it for over 10 years and he stated don’t (he is completely white) as he liked the ‘salt and pepper’ that is appearing in my hair but I have about 10 yrs to  go to catch up to him.

There are so many things in this world one can not change but work towards, there are so many things on CAN change and will do so willingly. Here is my streak I now have options, I can choose to change or leave. I look at it with a critical eye in the mirror, it is me, it is who I am and I quite like it. It represents a few years (as if I was going to tell you all my age) of my life I think it started when I turned 40. I didn’t want to turn 40, it was a really hard birthday for me, it scared me into thinking about my bucket list, my future and past. Some things I didn’t like but others I wanted to come back. I thought of friendships I have lost and those that I have gained. I thought of past loves and regret along with current loves and the way forward, my daughter was 20 the year I was 40 and this was difficult, I hope when she is 40 I am a healthy 60 but part of that will be how I live my life.

My streak is me and I have settled into myself, I know I have many things in life left to do and have started my bucket list. I have married for the first time (after 40), I have relocated to the country, I have become a volunteer Keith Hospital but mostly I have become me. I like who I am and though others may not, I have changed and my streak has been there as a reminder.

I have a dear friend who is suffering from early onset dementia, she is a beautiful person and I am honoured to call her my friend. She is now the subject of ‘unintentional talking behind her back” she is a beautiful blogger and this is keeping her mind active. I have told her that people who talk behind one’s back as an adult “KNOW” this is mean, go and read her, she is deserving of medals, praise and love but I think what she would value most is more time before this awful disease takes her memory.My streak shall stay and my bucket list continue to be ticked off for if that is all I suffer at my age I am blessed. Click on the link and head over to read Kate Swaffer 

2 thoughts on “my Grey Streak

  1. Thanks dear friend… you of all people fullly understand the impact of people talking behind your back. That being said, it happens every day, and about everyone at some stage in their life, and is not usually meant to be malicious or mean (which it wasn’t in this case). But thanks for your feisty support xx
    I love your words about accepting your grey streak too. I started going grey around 40, and coloured my hair most of the time to cover it up. The last time I did this, was the Christmas before the year I shaved all of my hair off for the Laukaemia foundation fundraiser (2004), and felt so liberated afterwards, I’ve never had a colour put in since! I love the sense of gentle ageing and wisdom that it seems to represent.
    On the topic of a busket list, there are many things to do, with so little time to do them. Being happy in your own skin is the best and most important bucket list achievement of all… well done!

    • I remember you then, I met you when your hair was growing back, you were (still are) very beautiful with short hair. I think it was at the Nurioopta medical conference

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