workday wednesday & volunteering

it is time to get up get moving, I have been awake most of the night, staying at my daughters there is traffic noise, something I am not use to living in the country. At most there is the noise of a dog barking at a fox or cows braying (calling to their young) at night. Here there is ambulances, rushing cars, gear changing trucks and other noises I can’t pin point what they are.

Never mind there are worse things in life. I am here to finish up my medical job and look forward to going around to my clients and saying goodbye, finalising orders and moving on. At least tonight I know I will sleep better, I will be use to the noises. I use to do that travelling lots in a previous job, it would take 1 night to adjust, then early to bed on the second. I can hear my daughter up and also getting ready for work.

Whilst here I will also spend time following up on Keith Hospital things, we must come to a solution and move forward but it is hard when most people that are helping are in the words of John Hill “just volunteers”. Working tirelessly for community, SA and for themselves, the satisfaction you get when you can find time to give to a cause or others. There seems so many that need a helping hand, it is occassionally thankless, actually most times it is thankless but that is not why people put themselves forward to help.

What ever you do today, do it with grace and a happy frame of mind