Tiresome Tuesday’s

This morning I woke up to hear one of his cats crying like it had ‘caught’ something in it’s mouth. I rushed to shut the door to prevent it coming in. Frankie the cat ran back to the sliding door of our bedroom and I note she has a bird in it’s mouth & it’s still alive. She drops it and I go out and pick it up. it sits inside the palm of my hand panting, it is young and I bring it inside. Cat is looking all over for it, I put it in a box on a couple of tissues and cover it with a book. I shower and get ready for my 3 hour trip to Adelaide and I lift the book for the bird to flutter so I take it back to the door and let it out, it flies to the tree. I shut all of his cats inside and as I get dressed the mother of this tiny bird flies to the tree to encourage it to come back to the nest.

I tell him to leave the cats in for a couple of hours, I start my journey to Adelaide where I meet up with a friend for a quick coffee, talk with Louise about the Little Heroes foundation coming to Keith, meet up at the Arkaba Hotel to put the final touches on the ladies high tea, travel to pick up Pete the golden retriever’s thryoxine. Here at the vets was where I was involved in Daylight robbery. I paid $20.10 for 20 tablets with the excuse from the vet as we haven’t seem him since 2009 we are just giving you enough to last a week, in the country I pay $28 bottle of 50 so you can imagine my outrage, but he has to have them we have run out. Here at the end of the day it becomes tiresome, I travel to my parents to drop off boxes that need to go back to the medical company. I then head the Adelaide house to ensure that it is ready for the new tennants, it isn’t so I will have to get up early and do it.

I then get to my daughters and she has cooked me dinner, it was a roasted marinated rack of lamb, baked vegetables and broccoli. This was yummy. I am now finishing my day and feel tired. I have responded to 16 emails, made a couple of calls and took many. I am about to go for a walk. goodnight people

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