Monday – oh it’s a fun day Keith Cook book day

My day started with a call from the lovely Natalie Barr from Sunrise, she apologised to me for not getting back to me sooner and could she still help out. It was then followed up by email, recipe, beautiful pictures & bio. It really made my day first thing. The amount of support, kind people ‘celebrities’ that have phoned me are few, but many have emailed me, written to me and instructed PA’s to assist in my requests. I must say when i speak direct with them I get a little ‘star struck’ especially as I watch Natalie most mornings and she is as she looks, delightful. For those of you that do not know we are preparing a cook book, one that will be unique and all profits to the hospital. I am now looking at selling advertising space so this covers the cost of the printing, we aim to be debt free on this project but gosh it is a lot of work. I am lucky to have a great sub-committee headed up by Louise who came up with the idea

I then progressed to move on to other things Keith Hospital, it worries me the lack of funding, it worries me that I am one of a small band of a community that are pushing the barriers for strength, brain ideas and looking at all avenues to raise the funds to keep our doors open. I don’t think Mr John Hill or Mr Jay Weatherill worry, I know they have greater things to ponder i.e. hospital car parking, the fringe festival and all things for the state, if I could meet them I would only ask, what more can we do to get assistance?

It has been statistically proven that the SA has 7% of the Nations Highways but you have a 27% Chance of dying whilst travelling through from Victoria to Bordertown / Keith. Doesn’t it worry them this is the killer patch? Haven’t enough people lost their lives? They are planting trees using cement with much-needed dollars that could be directed else where if not for health care, how about community welfare? How could any Government not put priorities on health care, build an oval instead? Bail out a once profitable business – the Zoo, lets not blame the Pandas for they can not make decisions this is a people financial error. I actually believe South Australians need new hospitals but if I was in charge I would ensure it would have more beds than the ones they are closing – what is that? in 2016 will there be fewer people to treat? stupid politics and financial planning. If Mr Weatherill was really genuine about ‘listening’ he would change these things, but alas he is driven by the fact that the state is broke.

If you want a recipe to be included in our book send it to me, if you want to purchase advertising contact me. If you would like to donate, become involved I am looking for lots more things please feel free to let me know. the help we have had so far from companies such as, is amazing. Thanks for all cook book contributors we will be looking to getting it in a book store near you soon

One thought on “Monday – oh it’s a fun day Keith Cook book day

  1. I wonder can we help at all with the cookbook… Pete has designed and produced all the Weber BBQones, and the print house they use for them is very reasonable? Let me know.
    Oh, and when I met with the Shadow Health Minister last year, he told me both major parties are very focussed on virtual health, and are planning for 60% less people in hospital. He also talked about his retirement, as if I really cared about his pension and perks! Sadly almost no-one in either party is there for the voters.

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