my feet are tired

Do you get to sundays and think about how much work your feet do for you during the week? I am today he woke me this morning to encourage me to do my walk I rolled out of bed, went to the bathroom and got on the scales. Hooray for me I have had another good weight loss. I looked at my exercise clothes, I have to keep them in the bathroom, get dressed there and sneak out of the house to avoid my 15 yr old Golden Retriever “Pete” who wants to come with me. He is old and can no longer keep up, he tore his cruiciate ligament many years ago and we were advised not to fix it (he has had $7000 of surgery on his broken front paw & has 3 pins in it) it has healed well but if he walks to far or fast it collapses on him and it breaks my heart so I try and walk him to the dam x3 weekly for swimming only. I looked at my clothes and then my feet said “I’m tired” so I did what dedicated people do. Climbed back into bed 🙂

My daughter when she was little use to say that to me “I can’t mummy, my feet are tired” so I have chosen this as an excuse to not exercise this morning and as I lay back down, put the TV on I thought about my feet and what they have done this week. My pedometer tells me in the last 7 days I have walked over 67000 steps. I aim for 10000 daily and some days this week I haven’t got to that due to work commitments that required me to sit. I haven’t yet got my fitness back to be able to walk the 10km in the time I was doing before christmas and I don’t want to strain anything at my age.

What have I put my feet through this week? they have had shoes put on them that have been uncomfortable but look good, all in looking professional when I have seen clients, they have had slippers on them most mornings and they are “like cushions for the feet”. In the later part of the week I wanted to wear them to work. I have worn comfortable shoes walking to the chicken coop to let the chickens out, throw them scarps, collect the eggs & lock them back up at night to save them from foxes. I have worn these to let the dogs off, water the aggi’s, hang clothes on line (see yesterdays blog), bring clothes in, walk to the car, do food shopping, walk from shop to bank, to newsagent, to post office, to chemist, to the council office. I have walked in to the Dr’s surgery, walked in and out of hospitals (for my work) gotten in and out of the car. They have walked to take and make phone calls, write letters, print recipes, shower and get in and out bed. So I figured having done all of this and more “my feet are tired” and deserved to have a rest in bed. I have had meetings about the Keith Hospital, at the hospital, in my car on the phone as a continuation on the fund raising journey such as typing recipes for the cook book, chased ‘celebrity chefs’ for their promised recipes and then had to clean my table/desk looking for a recipe sent from Matthew Primus – Coach of Port Power and to date I can not find it. Rats, I think I will have to go back and ask for it again. I have been thrilled with the response from people who are willing to help our cause.

Now that I am up, showered, dressed it is time to start my day, we have friends coming for lunch so there goes completing converting the bedroom to my office, but will enjoy a nice lunch instead. Perhaps sitting will stop my “tired feet” from dominating my thoughts, I am projecting my guilt and blaming my feet for my decision not to exercise and as I look outside it is now raining so it was a good decision. But all in all I did enjoy lazing in bed, now that I am up I have to use them to complete my day. Slippers where are you?