Finishing Friday

Well this certainly has been a week.. one which given the option I would not repeat other than the calls and emails of support from my Friends. It is amazing how you can have the hurt pants and cranky pants on at the same time and it comes back in the form of friendships and caring.

It has been a week of highs and lows, I am moving on from the job after speaking with the CEO, hopefully the lessons learnt will be passed to the next person. I shall finish up as asked and leave with dignity & with grace. It is amazing the push back or fight one gets when you feel backed into a corner. I have become proactive again, gotten over myself, enrolled in TAFESA and approached the Keith Hospital about a role within the organisation whilst we are working to try to save it. For those that do not know we are not out of the woods just yet. But we plan to be and we plan to fight for every dollar and every opportunity that comes our way.

I am about to write my report for the company I am leaving with all the contacts and status so that when we meet later in the month my replacement will reap the benefits of my work. I have no hesitation in doing this, I believe you end how you start, honestly and with goodwill. Don’t burn those bridges as they say you just never know. I have enrolled to do a Certificate III Retail Make-up and Skin Care, this is for my business where I get asked regularly do I do Make-Up Classes? for the School Formal and Deb ball’s now instead of turning business away I will say yes and hold classes on grooming for Both Sexes.

As for the Keith Hospital Role – they are considering it due diligence and I shall know the next week. It will be doing what I have been doing, fund-raising, functions coordinating, sponsorship gathering and general business development. Much similar to what i do now as a volunteer but it will (hopefully) be in the Hospital and it will really bring a professional corporate office / point person to carry on with the hard work that is being done by many within the community.

My week will finish better than it started and next week will not only be the ending of yet another work chapter for me, it will also be the start of as my friend Kate Swaffer said, don’t think of the person kicking you from behind as they shut the door on you look to the 100 other doors that are ready to be opened. She is an amazing lady suffering with early onset Dementia – her blog and she is inspirational if you wish to follow her here is her link.

I also got a clean bill of health from the Dr, I have managed to reduce my cholesterol good and bad ones without medication, so i just need to keep the exercise up and lower it a bit more – Lucky I started that diet in December I am 5 kilos lighter and 1 point lower in my cholesterol I more to go but this is a changing year for me. I think I am beginning to fit into this new chapter of my life, living in the country, learning about others and stopping being so hard on myself. I hope everybody has a great day today and all the hardships from the week can be left behind as a memory or moved over.