remembering yesterday

After starting so badly yesterday, today has been much better only just .. I managed to run out of blood pressure medication this morning. How is that possible I ask myself when I keep the scripts in the car and try and monitor everything. Oh well just a fact of life that I am not to get too stressed about, I’ve been to the chemist and taken it.

Whilst I was toughening up yesterday I had an elderly lady walk into my shop and ask if she can sit out of the wind. This did not bother me as I was cleaning and rearranging stock etc. She picked up one of the books I have lying around “what kind of fish oil am I?” and started to read then ensued a conversation on Fish oil v’s Krill & Thorne and their benefits. Fish oil very well documented, Krill company driven and not much scientific research to back up the claims plus very expensive, Thorne a naturopathy ‘prescribed’ product where some of the components are not listed with the TGA (therapeutic Goods Administration) so can only be bought online by the user and not on sold. She then asked if I would come and speak with the Senior Citizens about the benefits of Fish Oil , happy to obligue. It was a nice way to while away an hour.

I then had a couple of customers walk in and purchase product as well as clients turn up for treatments so overall it was a good day. The Shop window display is not done but I am getting to that this morning. I have decided to do it in black & white pandas. I am donating some panda hats to Savannah – a young girl in Roxby with a cancer that needs to be treated in Sydney and so they are having an auction to help raise funds to get her and a family member there. I am also donating $2.00 from every hat purchased in February & March to her cause I feel I was blessed with a daughter with good health that I can donate where and when I can. All it costs me is the postage to send the goods to Roxby, not much really.

I reflect on yesterday and how it started and how it ended and know that sometimes life is like that you can feel flat one minute and be happy the next. I achieved 12 of the 15 targets, but am on track this morning already to achieve them and others whilst I work. This modern technology in our pockets means we can do appointments and type the results straight after so that information is transmitted in real time from cars, trains, car parks it still amazes me. Enjoy your day, I know I shall.