tiresome tuesday…. what are some people thinking

I bought the sunday mail before I saw the front cover, it wasn’t till I was in the car that I saw him, there on the front page of my paper Kevin Foley, he was right I if I was eating weetbix I would have choked on it. Instead I read the article and shook my head. He has thoughts and an opinion on SA, not going to speak about his past position in the Labor party and it looking forward to bringing us a column every week. He stood there in what looks like a very expensive suit arms folded and looking definitely unfriendly, I am sure they were looking for serious for the topic he wrote about but to me he looked unfriendly. For those that do not know he was SA’s past Treasurer for the Labor Party, he was the poster boy of an older man trying to ‘pick up’ younger blondes and has a runs in with other people’s fists on more than one occasion. He is the man who decided to announce in ‘The Advertiser’ on a saturday he was approving pulling funding from the Keith Hospital, just a man of poor actions and poor form (in my opinion).

I was amazed how can he write on SA, he had holidays overseas every opportunity he got, he has never (to my knowledge) been out of the CBD other than for business as Treasurer so if he was travelling in a car he may not have stopped to enjoy sights and sounds of local SA produce, markets and just played the tourist. As for having an opinion on Australia – well he probably has more knowledge on other states, he had to transit there whilst travelling out of the country. He may have had more meetings interstate and spent more time there but as a tourist??

So then what will his opinions be about? Events, social outings, horse racing and or sports, he had the privilege of going to, as an invited guest and mostly in tents and corporate boxes at taxpayers expense. Whilst the Keith Hospital funding was pulled, the Government still managed to find a million dollars to put on drinks & nibbles at a south australian event that same year. Will people want to read about his opinion on these things? one will have to wait and see but I find it hard to reconcile this with Kevin Foley, he has had a career which has given him opportunity and privilege. He has a pension and superannuation only the politicians can have, so will he relate to me or other tireless people daily working to raise money for charities, hospitals, diseases, serious illness, facing unemployment or just plain unimpressed with his decision and public behaviour over the years.

This is not to say people won’t want to read his column, as many like him as disliked him and many will want to read about his life post politics, but he states it’s not about his ‘beloved’ Labor party and then proceeds to write about the party and its public implosion leading up to the ballot, so he has already started wandering off track. Will he write about his battle with depression and how he is feeling and coping now? one thinks not, though this would be good for people to read it may help others. Will he tells us about how to manage and cope with the aftermarth of some of his decisions as treasurer, this is a given he will not. Now that I have eliminated what he probably won’t talk about, what will he then write? I note all other contributors have an email address at ‘The Sunday Mail’ but not Kevin. I shall give it a couple of weeks to see if I shall keep giving my money to “the Sunday mail” in order for him to be paid.

it is cringe worthy & just plain awful

We are still living the horror of the ‘ballot’ which is going to happen today say in about 2 1/2 hours. We are hearing lots and lots of speak. It is making me more uncomfortable, every time I see them (Julia & Kevin) and they are looking at the ground, more so Kevin. If you read about body language, if you are not telling the truth you can not keep eye contact. Judge Judy is a great one for asking “what are you looking at? look at me” Kath Day-knight is famous for her “look at meeee” line and that has been adopted into our daily speak. It is interesting as Kevin says “what I’m saying is” instead of the horrid habit of licking his lips continually. Julia says ‘under any government I lead” – well aren’t you leading it already? all up until today – now they are using the ‘royal we’ or “yours truly” thankfully he has stopped referring to himself as ‘KRudd’.

I get it that many want him back, I do, but I never helped put him or Julia there in the first place so for me, it won’t matter who is in charge. Neither seem to care about the Australian constituents, for if they did we would not have a carbon tax that only the Greens wanted. We would not live in a country where healthcare services, mental health services and health facilities are so inadequately run that many are left languishing without care nor hope. Disability Services may be getting a boost but that is long overdue. We pay more taxes or levy under this Government with more to come. The issue of ‘the boat people’ is still there and with no resolution insight, everybody looses. To top it all off I bought the Sunday Mail before I saw the paper to read Kevin Foley is now a columnist as he has an opinion and thoughts on SA & Australia. It won’t be about political grandstanding. Yet his article was only about his beloved Labor party. One can not imagine he will a balanced view on SA – he has spent more holidays overseas than in SA but that is a blog for another day.

Can’t you just hear it now PB (post ballot) it’s a new beginning, it’s a new Government, we will do…. as if anything will change. Kevin Rudd just said I will not mount another challenge but I bet his backers do… that is the story for the election I suppose..


I went to an Adelaide Fringe show this evening which my dear friend is doing for the fringe and it is confronting, moving and totally paralysing. The dignity with which she  presents this topic is only matched by her grace in her brutal honesty, “my notes are my seeing eye dog, my hearing aid or wheel chair as I have dementia and I forget” or words to that effect. It is as stunning as it is frightening.

She tells us all how hard this journey is for her from her diagnosis at 49 to now trying to manage the ever-growing symptoms at 53. She is as beautiful as ever and as my mother said, Kate is right to hear her speak so eloquently about the disease one can not see how she would have dementia. It is not a disease that disfigures your face or osteoporosis that cripples your body in her words it ‘sucks out your soul”. How cruel !

It is a show that will make you laugh with humor, is thought-provoking, it will make you uncomfortable and for me her friend it made me cry. I wanted to stop the tears but they came and they flowed, even at the end as I hugged her I was still crying. Yet there we went out to dinner after, Kate, me and her DH (Dear husband) he was also kind enough to drop me back to my car – 35 minutes from their house. I take away from that a slide and forgive me for lack of referencing and remembering who stated it “live with urgency not in an emergency” Do not wait for the diagnosis, do not wait for somebody else to sing, dance, laugh, love, be the person to send this out live like there is no tomorrow as Kate says for her that may be tomorrow. How terrifying.. she has two shows to go Monday night 530 & Tuesday night – at scot’s church on North Terrace Adelaide. She is then off to England to present over there.

My beautiful friend, I have never been prouder of you, DH & boys, I love you and will make time to see you as often as I can

it’s time we talk about ……the weather

The weather is a topic that needs to be discussed today, though boring and normally (in my house) something that is talked about, looked up on the internet and watched on the TV daily, today it needs a special mention. How it presents is how most farmers manage or plan their daily tasks. It was never something living in the city that occupied my day or conversations like it does now, it was acknowledged in order to determine what I was going to wear to work or functions.

It is also the number 1 topic for small talk, when you meet someone for the first time it is a topic to talk about and how that person interacts back will determine in most instances whether or not you continue talking or look for the “I’m just going to grab a drink” conversation ending statement. It is a safe topic as it allows a person to venture into a conversation without feeling threatened or feeling like you need to expose oneself long before one feels comfortable. It is also a neutral topic that allows an open and frank discussion, debate and or simple comment which will get a person into a conversation or out of one. It can also end any conversation “how’s the weather” “hot” “yea”.

We talk about it in terms determined by how we feel in relation to our demeanor, hot, cold, lethargic, energetic and also in terms of actions wet, dry, just right. Some people love our summers of 35 degrees or above, where they can eat, swim and entertain outside, some like the wet weather where they can stay indoors have a fire, eat and snuggle in bed longer. When on a farm I now hear terms like “there could never be enough rain” try telling that to a Queenslander this year 300 mm in 24 hours. “we need a good hot summers day to set the crops off” try saying that to the good people of Perth who seem to be the only ones getting a long hot summer. “I can’t harvest as it is too hot”  “we need a good rain or we will lose our crops” “if it doesn’t rain soon we will have to feed out hay to ensure our stock doesn’t start starving” “we have had thunder & lightning now I’m off to fight a fire”. There are many quotes and the weather dictates the day in the life of a farmer. “we sure could use some of that rain they are having in Queensland”. Do not use an angle grinder on a 38 degree day when close to dry grassy areas, commonsense to farmers not so to some home handyman.

We were at a 60th party last night, it was outdoors and on arrival it was the topic about how hot it was and got during the day, over 40 degree here on the farm. Then about 10pm it became when are we going to get a breeze it is still hot. When I determined we were going to leave to come home (designated driver) 145am (we have half an hour drive from venue to home) it was it’s nice and cool now why do we have to go? I am up earlier than him, dogs are barking to be let out of their compounds, Pete the house dog wants to go out, the cats are coming in so it must be time to shut the house up to keep it cool before we need to put the air-conditioner on.

I hope where ever you are, you stay cool and out of the sun if you live in a state that is hot, humid and energy sucking. I hope you stay dry if you live in the states where you are having torrential rain. To every one in between, I hope you have a nice day and you enjoy the weather, may it be the weather you want (and cooler here in SA)


a workaholics day is never done

I remember my father’s speech on my wedding day he said Robyn is a workaholic and then she has married one. I was taken aback by these words, I never considered myself a workaholic, I just thought I worked as hard as everyone else. I know many nurses who worked longer hours than they were rostered and paid. I worked with Sales Reps where some of our days were 16 hours or longer depending on conferences, weekends and education seminars. I worked with office staff who worked longer hours to complete a task so things could get done on time, so I never considered I wasn’t normal.

But I have to put it out there I am. I have many things to do and not enough hours in my day to complete them. I run my own business so have set hours to see clients, I run an online business so that needs attending to daily. I work up at the Keith Hospital in a Business Development, Fund Raising, Tender & Grants & Projects capacity so I am there before other businesses open the phones and leave when i know I can’t make any more calls so put letters together to be sent. I still spend many hours volunteering to get things done for the Keith Hospital to ensure the days I am there they get ‘bang for their buck’. I hate being told I don’t believe you, I can’t see how you can do that and just plain how do you do it when I can’t. I don’t like to think a task can get it over me and I have to leave it never to return to give up and not finish.

I am in the throes of organising many things but there is 2 priorities 1) Everyday Heroes set up for Amy Zilms walk from Melbourne to Keith, 2) Keith Hospital Cook Book and these are just 2 of 8 things I am involved in. Today’s talk is to find a publisher and distributor for the book once it has been complete. If you are reading this and can help me please contact me. I will spend the day (it’s about to hit 40 degrees here) also identifying and populating my excel spreadsheet on names and contacts to get more food / beverage businesses in the Limestone Coast to buy Advertising spaces.To all of us workaholics we don’t see it as work, I see it as a hobby, a challenge,  an interest to assist those who can not help themselves.

Stay cool in this terrible heat, drink lots of fluid and enjoy the cool change when it comes

it’s not a train wreck it’s Towering Inferno!!

It’s the week that isn’t really, and some of us wish that it was the week that wasn’t. We have seen our political leaders sniping at each other, not playing nicely in the school yard, what it isn’t is a demonstration in loyalty, niceness and consideration of others. They both (and all of the ministers) can stand there and give us their CV’s as much as they like, they can point out the faults of the other person as often and as loudly as they like but it seems what they can’t do is run this country.

Twitter the internet is alive and well with every angle of every mouth twitch, eyebrow tic and pursed lips as well as they knockers, the haters, the celebrators and it (rightly so) seems everyone has an opinion one way or another. We now have the Rudd’s en-masse telling us how we should vote, like it made a difference when it counted?? No one in the Labor Party respected our votes. This is not a popularity contest it is about Governance, legislation & well “steering our country” with ethics and morality.

These politicians do not live in the real world, not the Federal ones, not the State ones they truly believe in their own self-importance. They ‘make’ decisions and choose to ignore the consequences of the outcome, like the Keith Hospital Decision by Mr Rann & Mr Hill. Neither have EVER been to Keith, come to the hospital seen how we operate and then made an informed decision, then they get ‘offended’ should anyone challenge them. We have a right under our democracy to state what we feel, they choose political life, so they must choose then to ‘suck it up’ should they do wrong.

This train wreck has totally derailed, everything they are doing, have done and will do is going to dominate our lives for days or up until the next election at the least. It has now become a Towering Inferno, there are people trapped in rooms, hiding from making decisions, there are people smashing their way through glass ceilings, windows and doors to ensure they can claim their 15 minutes of fame – think back benchers here. There are others working higher up to find the tanks to blow up and douse the flames, they are just working slower than the rest. It is cringe worthy like the 70’s film but it was clever for its era and set design. Like the film many won’t be saved, the underdog (whom ever that is in this scenario) will probably not come out on top. Tie themselves to the poles they will, clinging to the false belief they are the saviour. Regardless of this at the end of the day to rebuild Australia will be costly and we are going backwards greater than any other government in our history especially in SA. Even if we the people get to have a say, the next government will spend years getting us out of debt, we have a carbon tax, only the greens wanted – we have broken promises and last of all we have the unfaithful. Like Towering inferno though they are not trading us in on younger models they are trading us in on fleeting fame, power and total dominance and disregard for our votes. No wonder many choose to vote informally.. Over the weekend lets hope we don’t get a good look at “Ranger Management” (Craig Annis reference).


Kevin is a bully can’t people see that?

My DH (Dear Husband) thinks I am enjoying the spectacle of the political undertakings, Julia squirming, Ministers having political dummy spits & Kevin well then there’s Kevin. I am hearing the words “micro-manager” “insular” “solo decision manager” “temperament & inability to have decisions made”. Not enough support yet as I said to DH is what they are not saying is that all these words amount to bullying. Why are they not saying it? is this because this goes against all of their Industrial Relations Laws. Bully’s should be dismissed immediately but as in this case it came from the top and when you are in a bullying situation it normally comes from the top. Think the previous David Jones Manager – besides sexual harassment it is bullying. There will be out cries from the Rudd supporters, nothing wrong with Micro- Managing – some managers have lots to share  – which is disguised term for “do it my way or put up with the constant harassment, phone calls and exclusion.

We know he is a bully so why are they covering it in shades of grey? this would be because all Political Parties would have to be accountable for how they treat each other as examples to all employers all over the country. The Leadership spill is just the tip of the iceberg and should be taught in schools as classic bullying that is never resolved nor identified. Bully’s aren’t defined by size shape or position they are just people who think they “know better” “know more” “feel threatened” “taller” “shorter” “fatter” “thinner” “male” “female” and just plain mean and manipulative. We have all experienced this person, they are egocentric “but I’m meant to take responsibility for that” was a statement I was told once despite the fact I considered us a team and was only assisting as they were busy doing other things.

Bullys are also “victims” of their own press and self belief and they normally can not see or recognise the effect they have on others. I am thinking how dare they, he hold up in a 5 or 6 star hotel in America on the pigs back sucking the taxpayers money, he resigned all privileges should be revoked immediately and he should be given the bill. Never alone left to sit in this hotel racking up bills for himself and now the poor staff that would effectively be out of a job as he resigned his position. Selfish and a bully.I can’t think of 1 boss I have ever had that would have allowed this behaviour, approved a person to have asleep over in a hotel, get 1st class tickets to return after starting the fight. She in a 5 star hotel overlooking beautiful Glenelg beach, seeing her Mum I can get, when you are bullied, terminated, happy or sad some of us look to our Parents or significant others  for emotional support. She is in a no win situation, not saying she is without blame but it is really poor form on his part. She the boss – is this sexual harassment on his part? would he be doing this to another man?

I feel cheated, my vote discounted, there will be hours of work / productivity wasted watching the school yard, office bully to attempt to appear the aggrieved and justify his actions and reactions. We shall await the fallout it will come and it is normally swift. To all of our pollies, many of us say “stop it, call an election for we the people paying your salaries deserve better and not to be dragged into the Board Room fight” Whether you like Kevin or Julia surely you can see this episode is nothing short of bullying. is anyone else feeling cheated watching this train wreck?