My life in a box

Are you a box person? I am not but he is, everything has to be in a box. I find this method of handling papers and equipment hard to deal with, if I can’t see it I can sometimes forget about it. I will look for ages for something to find he has placed it in a box. He will even ask me if he can put it in a box and once I say no he will do it anyway.

He loves the organisation it brings him, I understand that I too like organisation but not in this way. I like to see bills to pay them on time before I file them, I like to see things to determine their status in my life. Have I used it enough to keep it? it is decorative? is it something that really needs to be thrown out as it has served it purpose? I am a thrower and not a collector, I use all of my drinking glasses and crockery nothing is kept for “good”. I believe if you can not share these things they are dust collectors and wastes of money. When I moved into his house I found boxes of unopened engagement presents his ex wife had left behind. They were thought of in so little regard that thought they were married so gifts were never opened. I enjoy using those items now and felt a sorrow opening them. he was not even aware they were unopened never alone left in the house shoved in the back of the closet.

I go through my wardrobe 6 monthly and refuse to ‘keep’ things in case they fit, come back in fashion, or I may wear again. I pass these on. I cut t-shirts up for rags and if I find any of his clothing that has rips or tears I tear them till they are unwearable. I suppose this may been seen as wasteful but I believe everything has a time and a purpose and will pass it on to Goodwill, St Vinnies, or the Salvation Army so they can realise a financial benefit should it be worth while.

Don’t box me I need to feel in control of things, I work, volunteer and need to keep areas of my life open. I know that Keith Hospital stuff doesn’t need to be placed with my book work as this confuses me and it wastes my time as once I find it all intertwined I am easily distracted into doing what doesn’t need to be done. In boxes, out boxes, unpaid boxes, over analysis boxes are what is on his desk and paper just gets thrown into them. This makes it hard, I have paper on my desk, yes it may look untidy but it does get filed and it does get dealt with.