work life balance

we are all sitting inside today – it is very hot and windy here in Keith. I am putting together 3 presentations for submission to our hospital board this week. I hope all of them get accepted and I can move forward into putting things into action. They will bring much needed dollars and people into the medical centre to be treated with dignity and care.

I am a doer, I don’t think at any stage in my life I wasn’t a doer, I may have taken time to do it but normally I have got things done. I may have made people unhappy when I have done things or may have made people happy once I had completed it and moved on.

I am also trying to upgrade my work website, put new products on the web site and promote my business so that the volunteer work I do for Keith Hospital does not consume all of my working hours as it has been. I also have taken to walking 10kms a day for fitness and own thinking time. This is for me as I feel the need to be able to regroup and move forward. This also helps me plot and plan my day so that I prioritise my list so that if I don’t complete my jobs I know I have done the most important ones.

I struggle some days to finish and I have stopped bringing hospital work home (most of the time) But I am now creating an office for myself in the farm house as I have gifts and folders of letters and fund raising items that can be used to realise funds. It takes over our lounge and now it’s time to place things where there is a balance.