Happy Australia Day

What does your Australia day involve? we are doing the ‘oustralian’ thing and beginning our lamb marking. As I told one of my beautiful nieces who served me in Coles Glenelg yesterday. She looked puzzled and I explained that was mustering up the flock of sheep approx 2000, drafting them off, mothers away from babies ensuring we keep the mothers close as lambs after it’s done like to suckle for comfort (sorry all you foodies out there). Then we pick up the lambs and if they are baby rams we put rubber rings around the testicles and 1 on the tail, I have to inject them for pulpy kidney – a disease that can instantly kill little lambs. Then we have to place a tag in their ears to identify our property in case we sell them. For the baby ewes we do all of the above excluding the testicle ring. This is has been an experience since the introduction of the ear tags, as we need to carefully put the tag in the ear as we thought there was a cartilage that ran up the middle of the ear but it is infact a blood vessel. One which we punctured last time only on 1 sheep and we got sprayed in blood, the lamb was ok but I bet it hurt (unnecessarily). She laughed and said “that is the most australian thing I have had heard all day” it was late in the afternoon and she was due to knock off at 6pm. We shall have a lamb roast, I have already pulled it out of the freezer.

I have been allowed to sleep in late as we have a clay digger on the property and they have gone off to fix some broken machinery. I have been able to reflect lying in bed about what the day will entail. It will be long, hot & dusty but we will laugh, snap & argue towards the end of the day we will head to the house and he will say “Ronnie’s coming tomorrow we will get it all done with his help” thank god for Ronnie, my cousins husband he willingly assist us and watches the pantomime of the lamb marking, stays quiet when needed and encourages when needed. A true blue Aussie & Friend.

What ever you are all doing today – enjoy each others company, stay safe & Happy Australia day