Keith Hospital & Guilt

I have indulged myself on this blog and avoided issues that need to be identified and raised (according to me). I should be talking of my journey in my quest to support the Keith Hospital instead I find myself discussing other issues, ones that are personal but note only one has raised comment.

I feel guilty following the Keith ute muster that I have not gone with gusto into the next planned event. But we are tired and this is what the government want, they have wanted us to ‘go away’ from the very begining. They have no idea how well we have made them look. Mr Hill had been on radio since the Advertiser announcement (that is how the community, board & staff found out there was no respect in how it was done) he has stated the “Keith Hospital will not close”

No one has been thanked, Mr Hill has only since Mr Weatherill has become premier has he had a decent and real conversation with our Board. He has had people call the Board to state that “Robyn Verrall is a thorn in his side” to me bullying of the worst kind. No guilt from him nor the caller head of the Department of Country Health David Swan – neither of these men have met me nor spoken to me direct. Journalists & the general public can find me, I have had letters from strangers of support, I have had calls (from strangers) abusing me about some media interviews I have done. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect all views

Why am I on the band wagon today, well I have to continue juggling a working life, farming life, my own business, my family time with the 5 projects I am co-ordinating for the Keith Hospital Action Group. I feel guilty as there are people in my life that are missing out. All this work for the hospital is as a volunteer, the hospital is being supported by many different means, donations of money, time & management. I am tired, I want to keep the cause foremost in the minds of the SA people.

I look at the cricket and perhaps the 15000 who attended yesterday – this government is spending $535 mil on the Adelaide oval & the internal infrastructure is NOT included in this figure. No doubt SACA members feel no guilt – they get their house paid off and renovated as part of the deal.

Guilt is funny, I feel no sympathy or empathy for the Government or the public servants who serve them. I will continue to support the hospital, it’s objectives, aims & goals, it will be ok at the end of the day but changed but we still have a way to go. Any ideas, donations or offers of support please do not hesitate to contact me.

hi ho it’s off to work (in Adelaide) I go

One thought on “Keith Hospital & Guilt

  1. Indulging oneself on a blog is perhaps the hardest thing not to do, other than to feel no guilt! Both topics on one blog, as well as the one about our useless government… you are one brave lady! So, all I have to offer is you should continue to be a thorn in their side, as I am being about aged care and dementia in general. It is not a comfortable ride though, and there is always the dilemma of why people do or don’t support your cause, and the curious fact that friends mostly stay silent. Not questions easily answered, and after much blogging, I pesonally have stopped wondering. It just is! Just like, “we live until we die”, which is why we need to get on with life in our own way. Keep up the good fights dear friend.

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