Mondays I have Friday’s on my mind

It has been a long time since I was able to post, I have been doing work & in my spare time preparing my house to be rented. I have been lucky as I have had my lovely family assist me, put up with me being cranky & feeding me. As I loaded the car yesterday with the last of the house contents I felt satisfied, I surprised myself as I did not feel sad, I bought the house with hopes and dreams of friendships shared, family and lives to be enjoyed, successes and failures and I have had all my expectations realised. My daughter and I welcomed many people into that house into our lives, we learnt to accommodate although at times unsuccessfully each other and new relationships. My relationship with my now husband was the biggest and the hardest for all to adjust to and accept. She and I had been a family for 16 years before he came along and it took us both by surprise, I was ready not to meet anybody as I was busy working full time, travelling for my job and sharing things with her and friends made from her school days. Then came the change, Chris. This was hard on all, we have learnt to become a family of the modern era. A parent, child & step parent it still has it’s ups and downs but we are all friends and this is the most important thing.

Now I get to travel to see her and have ‘sleep overs’ at her house, this is really special to me. I get more quality time with her now than before. Being a parent isn’t easy but no one told me how hard it could be, the reward, Love.

I drove away wishing well to all who enter the house, it was my dream home, I never thought as a single parent I would ever be able to afford a house with a pool, a dream I aspired to back when. Now there is just a couple of things to do and it will soon be full of others wanting to create and become part of ‘something’.