I remember dreams and I dream in colour but I often wonder what do they mean and how to interpret them. Are dreams really an insight into our lives of the past, present & future? What does it mean when you dream of the past? is it a longing for old friendships/relationships? simpler times? less responsibility? Is it an indication of what you want your current life to be? doesn’t life when you were 16 to 20 seem so much more fun especially when you never really took responsibility for anything.

Is dreaming of the past an escape from the present? do you wish to change things or see things in a way that make sense? if you have relationship issues, money issues, children issues isn’t dreaming about the times without those stresses make you seem much happier?

What of dreams of the future?can dreams really come true? can we just wake up on day and be fulfilled? Can we roll over and wake up and find our lives different to the previous day? if you think about it each day is different, each day is a dream. Night dreaming and day dreaming are intertwined in our lives to enrich us, to stop and make us think. Do we really want to repeat the mistakes of our past? though we move on from friendships as we grow and change, do we want those friendships back? Are those friendships really the benchmark to who we become as adults? we should leave friendships where they lie some people leave without telling you why, some people just stop being in your life as they marry into another group or you move out of the group because you change. But in your dreams everything is smooth sailing if only life were really like that.