what is a home if it’s not shared

I am sitting on the floor of my Adelaide home, with cloth in hand, knife and a happy grin. My dear husband (DH) gave up 2 days of work following the death of one of his beloved working kelpi’s (15yrs old) to come & help me paint so that we can lease it out. He unfortunately fails to wash drips so I am doing the skirtings, my daughter asks why did we bother to paint the house if we are renting to students and I have been asked WHY am I renting to students? The way I see it is, if they have gone to the trouble to complete their schooling, get university entrances and want to study their future careers at Flinder’s University the least I can do is offer them a decent place to call home for 4 or more years. I remember being of that age and living in the nurses quarters, I hated it, I hated being away from my family & partner at the time, I didn’t have a car.

These students are from the country and are facing their futures in the city and want to be together. I support this and wish them well in this home, it has been full of fun, saddness, family, friends, we have celebrated hot days in the pool, cold days together, it has been heartbreak hotel on occassions and most importantly I watched my daughter study & move out after purchasing her own home. If the one small thing I can do for 4 students is to give them the opportunity to grow and have good times and bad (because they do happen) then I have done better than I planned.