Friday is the day

it’s the end of a long week, but Friday always seem to find people happy, most feel they are completing a weeks work that has been productive and some even get paid. This is turn allows people the freedom to enjoy the weekend and there are many pursuits people participate in. This weekend in Adelaide is the Tour Down Under, there will be walls and walls of Lycra clad men & women, some will look great and others will look like they have just commenced the sport. I take my hat off to anyone who chooses to become involved in sport no matter the age of shape. Why should it be confined to the fit and sleek. They got to that shape by exercising, we should be encouraging them not laughing at them. Whenever I see a large person walking I always think ‘go for it’ anybody that can done sandshoes and start to work is giving themselves a better chance at longevity, it does not cross my mind to laugh. There are many reasons why people are the size they are, it can be a metabolism imbalance, medical injury, depression and sadness. 

I am one of the lucky ones, I can admit I am the size I am as I love to eat & drink, it has only been recently I have started walking again. I ran 10kms religiously for years with my faithful golden retriever ‘Pete” but he is aging, has had a broken paw that had pins put in it (yes ouch for the dog & I won’t tell you the bill – other than to say very little change from $10,000.) Now when he walks with me his hind legs collapse so I have to sneak out of the house so he doesn’t feel or I don’t feel guilty for leaving my beloved friend behind. When I started my 10km walks again it took me 2hrs 15 minutes, I am now fit enough to say I have walked it down to 1hr 40min. I forgot the freedom of the walk / run, the silence of the begining of the day, or sometime with my faithful walkman. Now I have nothing I listen to the sounds of nature, in the country I see & hear sheep, cattle, I watch kangaroos jump, emus run & foxes scuttle to get away from me. In the city whilst staying at my daughters I hear the sounds of the day & people waking. I walk past people & they nod, I watch them ride past me, heads down concentrating on the traffic. I see the cars and people in them. We are all starting our day.

I have a goal of doing the City to Bay this year, it’s on my bucket list, I have promised myself for years I will do it and I will. I will do it for the Keith Hospital.. it’s not a long walk / run but it’s an achievement I have never manged to do. So to all that are struggling – you go girl / man you are increasing your heart health & starting the day taking time for yourself