What is today to you

He reads out things from the computer, sometimes it drives me mad, other times I switch off and pretend to listen but today I heard what he was saying. They are changing the laws for all those that assist the government, hospitals, surf life savers and the public in general. This will mean a down turn in people power for many places and services, it means that people will be liable not the institution, Government or organisation you represent. If the Government do not support those that do the jobs how are they going to find the BILLIONS required to pay for staff? The Labor Government in SA are so broke they do not even pay their suppliers on time so much so it has been reported that companies have gone broke whilst the Government use the private companies as credit cards.

My Husband is a National Medal Holder after giving 25yrs volunteer service to the CFS, is there any point to him continuing? Most CFS do this to protect their own properties & to be able to call on neighbours to assist. There is no Government Fire Station, we do not have quick access to the fire bombing planes, yet they are now putting their own livelihoods at risk should they go fight a fire & someone dies, livestock is lost. I wonder what would have happened at Marysville if the CFS & volunteers didn’t turn up, more deaths, more property loss the thought is frightening. I don’t even feel angry at this I just feel perplexed and saddened.