It is the day after the day after the event, I still feel exhausted & a little deflated. How does one pick up and move to the next thing on ones check list. I walked, talked, laughed, listened, participated and tried to stay impartial. I was lucky I was not a judge for these ute’s & utees  are just a special group of people who have passion for their cars, their pride & joy. I was the driver of all good things but as with many drivers, really good passengers are needed, I had those in the community of Keith who got behind me & believed in me, I had my family who supported me by taking up the slack and doing jobs I couldn’t get others to do. I had the family of the person who came up with the idea come on the day and do countless tasks and work. I had my husband who just supported me even when at times he didn’t want to. It was all consuming, whilst working full time. My story is not unique there are many people in our community in many walks of life battling to raise funds due to Government cutting back on not for profit organisations.

I have slept and recovered to start another day, I will do all in my power to help the Keith Hospital succeed in raising it’s profile and funding stream.